Your Teens & The Dangers Of Social Media

On February 25th at 7:00 p.m. Mark Guertin of Kansas City’s Impact Social Media came and gave a workshop presentation to the congregation. The title was “Your Teens & The Dangers Of Social Media – What You Need To Know & The Steps You Should Take.” A lot of excellent information was presented and the workshop presentation was well received.

Some of the key elements presented:

  • Modern technology has brought new dangers and challenges
  • Social media addiction in teens
  • The prevalence of cyberbullying
  • The dangers of online predators
  • Steps you should take
  • Available online resources

If you would like to take a moment and review the material in-depth you can find the information here online.

One very compelling item was a video which showed how easy it is for our teens to be manipulated and put at great risk. In this video parents gave permission for Coby Persin to attempt to lure them using social media. Much to the parents surprise it was an easy task to deceive these unsuspecting teens and lead them down a very dangerous path. If you think your teen would not fall for this maybe you should watch the video for yourself.

Below are some resources which were provided.

Social Media Addiction Resources:

Cyberbulling Resources:

Online Child Predator Resources:

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About Mark Guertin

I am blessed with an amazing wife, 8 wonderful children and 8 incredible grand children. I am the owner of Impact Social Media which is an advertising agency based in Kansas City.

My hobbies include fishing, motorcycling on and off-road, cooking, gardening and hiking.


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