Who’s the Boss

Who’s the Boss
By Annette McDaniel

Six-year-old Joey when asked to make his bed, ignored the request and began hauling toys off the shelf.

“Do your chores before you play,” his mother said. The boy continued grabbing toys.

Do it now, please.” She stepped between the child and his toy shelf.

“You’re not the Boss of me!” He yelled.

The mother, while shocked at his outburst, realized that this was Joey’s first year in public school where he had probably picked up his new “language skills.”

“Who is then?” She asked calmly.

“I want to be the Boss,” he challenged.

“Let’s try it then. Just for today.” She said and quietly left the room.

Sometime later the boy stood in in the kitchen doorway. “I’m hungry Mom, can I have something to eat?

“I’m hungry too. What are you going to fix?” She asked the youngster.

“Me?” He looked puzzled.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” the mother said kindly, “but the Boss fixes lunch.”

“But I don’t know how,” Joey wailed. Then he paused, considering the situation.

“Mom,” he asked meekly. “Could you be the Boss until after lunch?”

Do we sometimes try to negotiate with our Heavenly Boss? “Thanks God, but I’ll handle this.” I’ll let you know when I need Your help.” I’m guilty of such negotiations.

I need to give up the foolish notion that I’m the boss of me. Jesus tells us that “apart from the vine we can do nothing.” (John 15:5) Our human nature doesn’t want to admit we are dependent, and yet our autonomic responses such as breathing, digestion and heart rate remind us that we are totally dependent on a loving God for our very life.

Why can’t we give Him our heart, soul and mind as well? When He asks us to love him with our whole being it is for our benefit. We can only mature by following His instructions. He knows it is impossible for us to love as completely as He loves us, yet it is in reaching for the impossible that we are enriched and blessed.

He never said it would be easy. Our human nature wants to be the boss even though we know that there is only one way to please God. That is by following His plan for our lives.

As the Cherokee grandfather told his grandson. There is a battle that goes on within us. Two wolves are fighting to be pack leader. One represents kindness, bravery and love. The other represents greed, hatred and fear.

“Which one will win?” his grandson asked?

“The one we feed.” Grandfather replied.

It takes conscious and persistent effort to feed the positive when the negative battles for our attention daily. Paul tells us to put on the whole armor of God so we can withstand the attack. This is not the time to go it alone, and we don’t have to.

So, when life gets difficult and I realize how many things are beyond my ability to handle, that all my positive thinking cannot improve my health or cure my sister’s cancer, I submit to the One who can. And, in His way and His timing, He will. It may even be miraculous!

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