The Rest of The Story

The Rest of The Story
By Annette McDaniel

Paul Harvey, a popular radio broadcaster, was well known for his The Rest of the Story series. He would relate tales of people from history or perhaps modern-day achievers, weaving little known facts into the fabric of his anecdotes. Then finally (after a commercial break) he would reveal the identity of the individual, leaving his listeners entertained, surprised and more knowledgeable in history than before. We would would try to guess who he was depicting before he revealed that person and gave us the rest of the story. As a salute to Paul Harvey Aurandt, I submit the following narrative.

A certain young man from a large family was despised by them because he thought and acted differently. His words and actions angered his brothers and they taunted him continually. His ageing father loved the boy and spoiled him, which did nothing to prevent the bullying. Then one day when his father sent the young man on an errand, he disappeared. When the father was shown evidence that his son was dead, he grieved bitterly for a long time.

But the seventeen-year-old, though presumed dead, had in fact survived, although he was taken to another country. The young man now worked for a high-ranking official in a position of trust. This was short lived, however, when he refused a superior’s request and was imprisoned unjustly. But, in time his unique talent that had so angered his siblings, not only set him free but put him in a position of such authority that he, through his wisdom, was able to save the lives of thousands including those of his estranged family. Did you guess his name?

The adventures of Joseph the Dreamer as told in Genesis explain how he went from being a shepherd to becoming Pharaoh’s right-hand man. How he first had to suffer humiliation and incarceration before God could use him to save his nation. How his dreams of sheaves of grain bowing to his sheaf and the moon, sun and eleven stars bowing down to his star, indicated that he would one day rule over his family. And, how he forgave his repentant brothers and reunited his family.

When God has a plan for your life it will be accomplished.

First, Joseph was humbled by being taken from his doting father. He was hauled off to Egypt where he was enslaved. But, God caused everything Joseph touched to prosper and soon Potiphar put him in charge of his household. Then, he was tempted (and tested), when Potiphar’s wife desired him. Even though he tried to reason with her, when he refused, she accused, and he found himself in the dungeon. Even imprisoned, God’s plan for Joseph continued to grow. The Bible tells how he interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh’s baker and butler. Later, when he accurately interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, he was appointed ruler, second only to Pharaoh. Thus, he saved the nation from the famine as well as his own family. For full details read Genesis chapters 37 through 50 for the rest of the story.

The message is simple. Put your trust in God and none of man’s evil can thwart His plan for you.

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