So, How’s Your Love Life?

So, How’s Your Love Life?
By Annette McDaniel

It was the annual family reunion and I stood checking out the pot-luck table for my favorites. Fried chicken? Yep! Potato salad? There it is. Cherry pie? Oh, yeah. It’s going to be a good event.

Suddenly an arm encircled my shoulder. “So, how’s your love life?” a well-meaning but inquisitive relative asked in a voice that echoed throughout the hall. As a shy teenager, I mumbled something unintelligible and slunk away into the crowd.

Why was the question embarrassing? Because it was too personal. I was not ready to share; not even sure of the answer then. Some years down the road I would proudly announce my status and even introduce that inquiring relative to the love of my life.

It was not unlike when I first gave my heart to Jesus. When asked about it I stammered uncomfortably. I was not sure I was worthy. I didn’t have all the answers and I felt shy talking about it. It was too personal.

I was fifteen the year of my embarrassing reunion encounter and at that age more interested in books and music than boys. I had four brothers and that was enough maleness to deal with at that age.

Later that year I attended church camp where I accepted Jesus while the Blackwood Brothers quartet sang “How About Your Heart?” The words of the song spoke to my troubled spirit.

Friend how would you feel, if your heart were made with a window on each side?
So that all could see not just outward charm but detect if inward harm.
People often see you as you are outside. Jesus really knows you for He sees inside.
How about your heart? Is it right with God? That’s the thing that counts today.
Is it black by sin? Is it pure within? Have you asked Christ in to stay?

I was very aware of my sin but even after I said “yes” to Jesus, not quite sure how to take the next step. My home church leaned toward legalism more than love and grace. And, there were no classes for the new-born Christian, so it would be some years before I could confidently declare my status in Christ Jesus. Finally, when my husband gave his heart to Jesus, we attended a church which offered classes to the new Christian. There we learned about being a “new creation” because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Step by step we moved toward a deeper understanding of how to grow spiritually. Particularly helpful for me was Paul’s letter to the Galatians 5:22-23, which told us of the nine Fruits of the Spirit. The first: Love, Joy and Peace speak to the things of the heart. The next three, Patience, Gentleness and Goodness dealt with our relationships with others: Finally, the last three are God-related: Faithfulness, Meekness, and Self-control. I wanted to taste each one.

So, how is your love life? The secret is the complete abandonment of your heart to the leading of the Holy Spirt. It’s still personal but that personal relationship with God allows us to live in and share Love, Joy, Peace and all the rest.

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