Assistant Pastors Nick And Lucy Della Valle

Nick & Lucy Della Valle

He’s from Pennsylvania and she was born in Mexico City. He was raised on meatballs and ravioli and she thrived on tortas and tacos. He never knew that jalapenos and avocados even existed until he met her….now he can’t live without them…or her!

One of the great things about America is that it’s a place where all cultures and concoctions are welcome! And speaking of strange mixtures, Lucy spent her time working as a secretary for a hotel in Ixtapa while Nick earned his living working as a poker dealer at Caesar’s Palace on the Strip in Las Vegas. She understood but did not speak English when they got married in 1988. He still doesn’t speak Spanish (he claims it helps him avoid arguing with the in-laws).

But despite their outside differences, they found an inside love…of JESUS CHRIST and each other. It’s that love that led them to working in Christian ministry; first at the Christ Cathedral (formally the Crystal Cathedral) in California, then for Breath of CHRIST Ministries and Southwest Community Church. It’s been a wonderful adventure with GOD over the past twenty-five years!

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