Pastors Bill And Cherril Russell

Bill & Cherril Russell

Bill and Cherril are alumni of Mid-American Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas.

Bill grew up in DeSoto, Kansas. Cherril blossomed in Cromwell, Iowa.

They’ve been involved in bus, children, youth ministries and pastoring for over forty years.

Married in October of 1997. They had plans to retire and spend the winters in Florida. GOD had other ideas!

In May of 2014 they became senior pastors of Southwest Community Church. Soon they felt led to retire from the secular work force and devote all their time to GOD’s church.

Cherril was employed at Olathe Medical for 36 years while Bill plied his trade in the steel industry for more 38 years. Right now they are enjoying this chapter in their lives

They have several hobbies. They like to garden, travel and especially go on mission trips! Bill & Cherril have been blessed to share the message of CHRIST in Mexico once and Nicaragua twice.

They live in GOD’s favor as they have two sons who live close by… Michael and Debra live in Independence, MO. Stephen and Miciah live in Olathe, KS with their two wonderful children; Gavin, who is the family tuba player, is twelve and Jolie is eight going on twenty-five!