Once I Was Lost

Once I Was Lost
By Annette McDaniel

Getting lost can either be an adventure or a major annoyance depending on your perspective. My Dad never took the sam road to any destination if there was an alternate route available. With him The Road Not Taken (apologies to Robert Frost) did not exist. We took them all. One such outing, an interesting gravel route turned into an unpaged stretch of dirt leading to parallel ruts across a cow pasture ending on the bank of a creek. Retreat was never an option.

It was near such a creek bank at three years of age that my first experience occurred. While I napped in the car my parents and family went fishing. Upon awakening and finding myself alone I went exploring —-in the wrong direction! I was told that they tracked me by following my footprints down the dusty road a half mile to where I stood picking sunflowers along the ditch bank. I didn’t know I was lost.

Once I became lost driving home to the farm on which I had lived from age eleven. I went away to college and several years of living in another state. In my absence a new reservoir was constructed flooding thousands of acres of land near our farm. The roads leading home lay deep under water. Finding a familiar landmark finally led me to an alternate route.

What determines if we are lost? Is it when we don’t know where we are? Or…is it when someone else can’t find us? Some years ago my daughter and I went shopping in a huge clothing store. Four year-old granddaughter Jenna was right beside us…and then she was not! We called her name and began to search the long clothing racks. We frantically circled the displays. A third sweep of the area brought on panic. As we notified a salesperson and prepared to call security, laughter came from the middle of a circular rack of woman’s dresses. Jenna’s head poked out with a giggle. “I lost you!” she said.

Being physically lost is manageable; being lost spiritually requires the Master’s touch. He is willing to find and save us when we seek Him. Once we are rescued from sin we want to stay on track so let’s get our GPS (GOD’s Protective Service) calibrated and ready.

In Matthew 16 we discover that being lost is not the problem so much as trying to save ourselves. Only Jesus saves. We are encouraged to lose our life for sake of CHRIST and when we do He finds and saves that which was lost. That’s true of all His sheep, including the scrawny little lost ones that may not even know they are lost.

Amazing Grace says it plainly: “I once was lost but now I’m found!” Only Jesus restores. One of my favorite hymns, Blessed Assurance, speaks of being “filled with His goodness – lost in His love.” So let this be our story as well as our song. Let’s praise our Savior all day long for we are no longer lost… except in His love!

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Annette McDaniel

Annette McDaniel is a former elementary school teacher, former accountant. She has published numerous articles in THE BEST TIMES magazine and poems in various church school papers. She currently resides in Olathe, KS. She’s always willing to give a hand…”


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