Meeting Space Available In Olathe Kansas

We’re Looking to Partner with YOU!

Do you have a group that is looking for a place to meet?

Do you have a business that needs a physical site to do training?

Are you a small organization that would like to do informational workshops or seminars for the betterment of the community?

Southwest Community Church wants to help you and positively impact our city as much as we can! We can comfortably accommodate 100-125 people in either a round table or lecture style environment during any weekday or evening. We also have a small kitchen available and we would be delighted to highlight your meeting or event on our outside digital sign.

Partnering in the community sends a public message that we can work together, grow together and move forward together. Partnering tells the people where we stand and offers them an opportunity to stand with us.

Disclaimer: As human beings, we understand that people are unique and from time to time we disagree on everything from movies to food to principles. We do not judge but we do try to evaluate what is in the best interests for all parties concerned. It is our desire to avoid unnecessary hostility and so, Southwest Community Church has a right to only allow use of its facilities that are consistent with its religious beliefs and to deny all other uses.

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