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Some are saying “I can’t wait for my real life to begin.” It will begin when I finish high school or college or get a real job or career, or get married, have children or retire… etc. Guess what? You are in real life. Make the most of your days because right now you are smack dab in the middle of your real life.

Sure life will change and all the things I said above bring new experiences and for sure life doesn’t stand still. Try to find the beauty or good in each day because life tends to march along very fast and you don’t want to be looking back and seeing the sorrows but looking at the wonderful times.

It is much better to forgive those who hurt you and move on and to love the ones who love you with a passion. Learn to laugh at yourself and with others but… not at someone else. We all have our challenges and sometimes we hurt without intending to do so. That’s where you have to say to yourself “What would make a person be so mean?” and think… it has to be something in their past or perhaps… they really didn’t mean it the way it sounded. Maybe you only heard part of the conversation.

My hope is that you will spend your days with forgiveness, love and laughter. My love to you all.

Darlene Isensee

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About Darlene Isensee

Darlene Isensee

Darlene Isensee has lived throughout the United States & Argentina. Currently residing in Spring Hill, KS. She loves to hear others tell their stories as much as she enjoys sharing hers.


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