An Unknown God

An Unknown God
By Annette McDaniel

Fresh from experiencing a beating and jail time for spreading the truth about Jesus, (not to mention an earthquake), the Apostle Paul travelled to Athens to bring the Good News to the Greeks. There he noticed the elaborate shrines to many different gods. The locals wanted to make sure their spiritual life was protected so they left no deity unattended. They even worshipped The Unknown God. (Acts 17) Among the Greeks were two major groups of philosophers, the Epicureans and the Stoics who were eager to learn something new. At first, they were skeptical, but hearing about a new god appealed to them as they continually searched for a way bring happiness and contentment into their lives.

Like the ancient Greek philosophers, people today want to explain everything with logic or dismiss it as unrealistic. They are searching for solutions to the unrest in the world that can be manipulated to fit their reality without help from a spiritual source. Now, there are threats of missiles that can reach American soil and continuing riots and mayhem in major cities. Sixteen years ago, with the attacks on the World Trade Center fresh on the American mind, I wrote the following poem. I seemed to me that, not finding an easy answer to the chaos, made it easy for individuals to put the blame on God without even knowing Him.

What god?

When troubled times beset us all as trouble sometimes does,
With logic, we endeavor then to justify the cause
Why did God let this happen? You hear some people say.
If He didn’t make it happen then at least he turned away.

What God is this? I have to ask. The one that you ignore?
The god that doesn’t cross your mind ‘til fear is at the door?
Whose name cannot be spoken now within our high school halls.
Whose Ten Commandments cannot hang upon the courtroom walls.

Is this the god you now beseech to banish fear and pain?
And when the fear has gone away you will forget again.
The God who said “Thou shalt not kill”, yet unborn babies die.
And we? We look the other way not even asking, Why?

The God we’ve tailor-made to fit. (lifelike, but not too large).
Don’t move us from our comfort zone and let us be “in charge”.
“In God We Trust” is on our coin and yet it seems so odd,
We trust the money thus engraved but not the Living God.

What God is this? The Great I AM. The Sovereign Lord and King.
Who with a spoken “Let there be…” created everything.
This is the God who loves you and, though chaos may not cease,
If only you will trust in Him, then He will bring you peace.

As Paul seized the opportunity to expound upon the reality and reliability of the One True
God, let us be ready to offer an alternate solution to the world’s misguided notion that the gods of Money, Power, Celebrity and Selfishness can bring happiness. What the world needs is a Known God.

Corrie ten Boom said it well, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

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